Chambord offers you the beauty of Vicenza stone and authentic travertine.  These two types of stone possess similar qualities and can be kept clean and beautiful in the same way.
The Vicenza quarry is several million years old.  Many historic Italian monuments and fountains have been cut from this stone and bear witness to its great longevity.  The quarry is worked according to local traditions in order to maintain the high quality which has made it world-famous.

Vicenza stone is an almost pure calcarenite stone, and is generally the color of straw.  This is a very hard stone, marked by the presence of coral and seaweed micro-fossils.  To the touch however, it feels almost soft, making it perfect for use in sink manufacture.

Vicenza stone sinks made for interior applications undergo a solvent treatment process.  This is not at all harmful, and it makes the stone water-resistant and oil-proof.  Each sink is cut from a block of stone using a digitally-controlled machine.  The finish, however, is done entirely by hand using traditional techniques passed down through the generations.

To clean these sinks, use normal, neutral soap and water, and nothing else.  This will leave a patina on your sink and maintain its wonderful softness.

Guaranteed to be hand-made, and delivered with a certificate of authenticity.